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Vampire Weekend | Halloween ‘08, ‘09, ‘11 and ‘12

2008 »> Vampire Weekend performed a Halloween show in Bristol, UK. Ezra had to take off his cape after a couple of songs because it was getting in the way. CT also took off his ninja costume towards the end of the show and played the drums shirtless.

2009 »> Vampire Weekend played a secret Halloween show at Madame Wong’s in Chinatown. Baio borrowed his shrimp costume from his friend Erik and later on, it was auctioned on Ebay. Ezra wanted to get a fake tattoo to complete his Ed Hardy douche costume, but he said he didn’t take it that far because he “isn’t wild and crazy” enough to do it.

2011 »> Ezra was kind enough to do another video chat for the fans, this time with the theme Halloween brunch. Baio dj’d at the W hotel and CT went to support him. Rostam dj’d to raise money for animals in NYC.

2012 »> Vampire Weekend performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed New Song #2’s official title—-Unbelievers. They debuted the song on television with a horn section and a cello player and while wearing spooky Halloween make-up.

[Addendum: In 2010, Vampire Weekend celebrated Halloween in Japan. Ezra was a cat and Baio was a sailor.]


John Divola - Zuma (1977-8)

Zuma is a photographic record made over time of a beachfront property that was being used intermittently by the fire department for fire-fighting practice. As Divola observed the building over the course of two years, it was ravaged by fire, vandalism, and the artist’s own graffiti. These acts of human intervention, as he saw them, became integrated with the inevitable natural processes of decay.”

Arctic Monkeys in Raleigh


the deeper you go the bluer the water gets



Refraction #2

Oak St. and Lyon St. (Traffic)

San Francisco, CA 2014